3 Reasons Why a Dentist May Recommend Teeth Extractions in Midwest City OK

Although no one wants to lose a tooth, dentists must sometimes pull a patient’s tooth to correct a specific problem. This procedure is known as extraction. Dentists recommend Teeth Extractions in Midwest City OK for many reasons.

Make Room for Orthodontics

Mouths come in all sizes. Unfortunately, a small palate may cause problems if the patient decides to straighten their teeth with orthodontics. In some cases, it may be necessary to extract a couple of nonessential teeth to create more space.

After pulling the unneeded teeth, the patient may begin their orthodontic treatment. The surrounding teeth will eventually fill in the holes where the extracted teeth once resided. The result is a perfectly straight, beautiful smile.

Decay Compromises the Tooth

Patients of all ages experience tooth decay. It’s also a leading reason for Teeth Extractions in Midwest City OK. If the decay is minor, a simple filling may repair the damage. However, large fillings may compromise the overall health of a tooth.

Larger fillings are more likely to fail. The treated tooth may become weak and prone to cracking. A dentist may cover the tooth with a ceramic crown to provide additional support. But, in many cases, the dentist may suggest pulling the tooth to avoid complications down the road.

The Tooth Becomes Infected

Healthy teeth are not painful. Toothaches are often the only symptom of an underlying infection. If a tooth gets infected, one option is to remove the inflamed tissue through a procedure known as a root canal. However, some patients may choose to extract the tooth instead.

Most dentists only extract teeth as a last resort. It’s their goal to save as many teeth as possible. While root canals are very successful, they do fail on occasion. If a patient has an underlying condition, such as diabetes, the risk of failure increases. Instead of enduring a root canal, the patient may opt to pull the tooth.

Whether planned or unexpected, tooth extractions are often needed to protect the surrounding teeth from damage and disease. After an extraction, the patient may choose to fill in the socket with an implant or bridge. Remember to visit the website to learn tips on how to keep your smile as healthy as possible. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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