3 Reasons To Use Your Company Corporate Relocation Services In Chicago

There are many businesses in the Chicago area, especially those with national or international locations, offering corporate relocation services to their employees moving for work-related reasons.

Companies offering employees this perk also typically provide the option to pay a flat amount to the employee, allowing that individual to find then their moving company and manage their move. While this option may look like a good way to save costs and perhaps even keep a bit of money from the move, it has some significant pitfalls that can end up costing you more.

To understand why an employer’s corporate relocation services are a better option, consider the following three common issues in choosing movers and moving companies.

Fully Vetted and Positive history

When you use your employer’s corporate relocation services in Chicago, you are working with a company with a history of doing a great job. This means the moving company can not only complete the move on the schedule your company indicates, but there are few if any complaints from those professionals they move.

Excellence in Customer Service

With most corporate relocation services, the moving company is required to maintain a specific standard of customer service from those moved to maintain the contract.

With a company that moves employees frequently, this can add up to a lot of money for a moving company over the length of the contract, and then there is always the very real possibility of renewal at the end of the term.

This is very different than a family that may never use a moving company again. Naturally, the moving company is going to stress customer satisfaction for corporate relocation services, even above what they may offer for single moves.

Hassle-Free Moving

With many corporate relocation services from the bigger companies in the Chicago area, the move is full service. This means that the moving company will complete full packing of the contents of your current residence, and also complete unpacking at your destination residence.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about verifying the moving company, handling questions from the company or anything else. It will all be done from the corporate level based on their agreement with the movers.

If you have the opportunity to use employer corporate relocation services it is worth taking advantage of the offer. You will have a stress free move, and you will also enjoy top customer service and an overall great moving experience.

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