3 Reasons to Trust Pet Care to a Dog Clinic in Olathe, KS

Olathe dog owners often feel their pets are important family members. That is why so many rely on a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS to provide four-legged friends with the best possible wellness care. Facilities like Falcon Valley Animal Hospital also offer fast help in emergencies as well as grooming and boarding services.

Clinics Provide Lifelong Wellness Programs
It is common for area residents to schedule a first visit to a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS when puppies are very young. Some even bring pregnant dogs in before pups are born to ensure healthy newborns. Vets examine their tiny patients and set up programs that ensure lifelong wellness. They may suggest different or additional services for pregnant or older pets. Many clinics offer affordable preventative health plans. A routine, twice-yearly visit typically includes:

• Complete exam

• Core vaccines

• Nail trim

• Parasite screening

• Blood screening

• Urinalysis

• Heartworm test

Professionals Offer Fast Help in Emergencies

Pet parents also depend on a veterinary clinic for help in emergencies. That is why most clinic websites include a “Click here” area where clients can get quick assistance. When owners call, professionals answer their questions over the phone and decide whether pets need to be seen immediately. Urgent care staff routinely sees patients who have eaten chocolate, been poisoned, or hit by cars. If dogs need help during regular hours, vets are happy to squeeze them in between appointments.

Complete Care Includes Pet-Friendly Grooming and Boarding

The best dog clinics provide expert grooming services and include pet-friendly boarding areas. They will accept both dogs and cats. Owners can drop off pets and have them groomed by a professional who offers breed-specific and custom cuts. Many pet parents have their dogs groomed while they are boarding at clinics. The facilities have roomy, cheerful, temperature controlled boarding areas with lots of windows. Techs play with pets and ensure that dogs are walked several times a day. Their boarders enjoy comfortable quarters and high-quality diets. Owners are free to bring specialty foods and their pets’ favorite toys.

Kansas dog owners often keep their dogs healthy with the help of local pet clinics. The facilities offer emergency services as well as custom wellness programs. They also include expert groomers and pet-friendly boarding services.

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