3 Practical Reasons Why a Living Will Should be Part of Your Planning

You have a last will and testament. It’s updated from time to time as your circumstances changed. Have you thought about what a living will would do for you? Here are three basic reasons why you should have a word with a living wills attorney in Moline, IL, today.

You Have The Final Say About Medical Treatments

You’re in fine health right now, but what if an accident or chronic condition left you unable to make decisions about your medical care? Maybe you don’t want to be kept on life support systems when you can no longer breathe on your own. Perhaps you don’t want to linger if the odds of recovery are somewhere between slim and none.

A living will speaks for you when it’s impossible for you to say yes or no about a specific course of treatment. The attorney can help draft a document that leaves no room for doubting what you would authorize if you could speak for yourself.

Someone’s Designated to Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

The terms of the living will allow you to designate someone who can ensure your wishes are honored. That’s helpful since you may prefer to leave that task to a brother or possibly a trusted friend instead of in the hands of a spouse. You can also include a list of people who you do not want making decisions about your course of treatment.

A Living Will Reduces the Risk for Squabbles Among Loved Ones

There will likely be differences of opinion about what to do if you are too ill to make your own medical decisions. Some loved ones may want to keep you alive no matter what. Others may feel that keeping you alive when there’s no real hope of recovery is cruel. By working with a living wills attorney in Moline, IL, to draft this legally binding document, the tension among loved ones can be kept to a minimum.

If you don’t have a living will right now, it’s time to seek legal counsel. Contact a living wills attorney in Moline, IL, today and start the process. You’ll do something good for yourself and for your loved ones.

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