3 Myths About Having an Attic Ventilator

Keeping your home safe is one of the most important things you can do as an adult. Ensuring that everything is running properly in order to keep you and your family comfortable as well as safe is absolutely vital. One very important commodity that many home-owners do not know much about is an Attic Ventilator. Here are some of the main myths about attic ventilators and why they are important to know.

More is Better

Although it is very important for ventilation to happen, and not enough ventilation can have a negative effect on your home, having too much ventilation is just as detrimental. Vents that are not spaced correctly, or put in the proper areas can be rendered virtually useless. Make sure they are installed correctly so they can do the job intended.

Roof Ventilating Lets Out Heat

Many people choose not to have attic ventilation because they are afraid that it releases their heat during the winter. Often, vents are not designed this way and if heat is being released it is due to a larger scale problem such as ventilation. It is important to get this checked out if you feel it is an issue, and do not be discouraged from ventilation because of this myth.

Roof Vents and Roof Ventilators are the Same

Simply having roof vents is not sufficient. Your home should be equipped with an entire ventilation system in order to make it efficient. It is important for everyone to realize this because only having a few space vents will not be sufficient and can cause a lot of issues.

As you can see, there are many things to know about attic ventilators that can not only keep your home comfortable, but keep it safe as well. Not having a proper Attic Ventilator can make the moisture in the air of your home escalate to an unhealthy level and cause all sorts of sicknesses throughout if it is not taken care of, as well as an annoying amount of mold and mildew in the dark spaces. If you have an attic, check out these myths and consider getting ventilation today. Click here to fix an appointment.


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