3 Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Neck Pain In Chicago

For many adults, neck pain seems to be a part of daily life. However, what these individuals may not realize is what they are doing to attempt to relieve the pain or to actually treat the issue at home may be making the situation much worse.

The reality is many different factors can be contributing to any type of chronic or acute neck pain In Chicago. Seeing a doctor and getting to the root cause of the discomfort and pain is the most effective way to ensure you are using the right treatment and not actually creating additional problems.

It is important to realize some types of neck pain can indicate serious complications in the structure of the neck and spine. These may include disc problems as well as degeneration or narrowing of the opening down the center of the neck and spine which is putting pressure on nerves of the spinal cord. As these conditions will become progressively worse over time and without treatment, early diagnosis is essential.

Ignoring or Masking the Pain

When people believe they know the cause of neck pain they often try to ignore the discomfort or use over the counter or prescription painkillers to treat the problem. These options create the possibility of either causing additional muscle strain when the head or shoulders are held at an unnatural position or they can lead to additional strain and injury when the pain is masked or covered by the medications.

Medications for pain can be effective in relieving neck pain but only when combined with exercise, physical therapy and when used appropriately.

Staying Immobile

Extensive research on back and neck pain shows the old concept of getting bed rest and staying immobile for more a day or two is actually counterproductive to healing.

Instead, carefully designed, controlled exercises should be included in your daily routine to build the muscles of the back and neck, as well as the abdomen. This creates a strong core, limiting the risk of further injury.

Opting for Surgery

While there are many conditions where neck pain can be effectively treated with surgical procedures, most orthopedic specialists recommend trying non-surgical treatments first whenever appropriate.

There is a risk of complications and neck surgery can have a lengthy recovery time. By trying exercise, physical therapy and non-surgical treatment options such as chiropractic or massage therapy, surgery can be avoided in many cases where anatomical problems are not the cause of the neck pain. To learn more about options for effectively treating neck pain visit us online at Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today.

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