3 Factors To Consider When Replacing A Digital Weight Indicator

There are many different types and designs of weight indicators on the market today. They are designed to allow the scale operator to see the results of the weighing process as well as to be able to control various programs or features of the scale.

The digital weight indicator is often used as a component of a complete data and operational control system. It can allow an operator to override a program or to make changes right at the scale without having to use the software. It can also be designed to provide warnings both at the scale location as well as through an integrated network system.

There are many different factors that should be considered when selecting a replacement digital weight indicator. If the component is more than a few years old, it is very likely there is a better model on the market that offers enhanced features and controls.

Environmental Factors

The location where the digital weight indicator will be used will be critical to consider. For example, if it is used in areas where there is high humidity, in outdoor locations or in very dusty processes it will be important to consider not just the actual control and display options but also the construction of the case and the durability in these conditions.

Display and Readability

Different lighting in various areas of a plant, production line or a scale will require different types of displays. Some offer a backlit option that is highly visible in both low and direct light situations and environments.

The size of the display or readout will also be critical to consider. This will always be factored in relation to the positioning of the weight indicator unit to the position of the operator.

In some applications, it may be required that the weight indicator has a lockout feature for specific controls. This limits the override or ability to change settings by the operator, reducing the risk of human error through unintended changes to settings.

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