3 Factors To Consider When Buying Aluminum Round Rod

Simply looking up the aluminum round rod on any internet search engine is going to result in hundreds of thousands of hits, and those will just be from actual company websites. If you look into rod offered on online resale sites, wholesale sites, and even online auction sites, you will find millions of possible places to buy.

While you have lots of options to buy aluminum round rod online, choosing a reputable, established, and proven aluminum company as your supplier is critical. This is not only to ensure you get the rod ordered but also to make sure it can be custom finished, cut, mitered, punched, drilled or countersunk, as well as bent or formed into any shape you may need.

Shopping by price alone is not going to provide you with a quality aluminum round rod from a top company. However, you will find the top companies are all competitively priced and stand behind all the aluminum products they sell.

Manufacturing Method
All aluminum round rod sold in the United States will be made in one of the two ways. Extruded aluminum rods are made by pressing heated billets of aluminum alloy through a die to create the solid rod which is produced in a continuous piece.

It is then cut to specific or standard lengths and aged in a heating oven to add further strength. From that point, it can be finished to give a specific look for esthetic or design purposes.

The other option is a cold formed aluminum round rod. This is rolled as part of the manufacturing process. The process is reserved only for specific alloys and only for use in specific situations.

The diameter of the aluminum round rod will be important based on the type of construction or fabrication it is used in. For example, in the aerospace industry or in marine construction where weight is critical, aluminum provides the strength-to-weight ratio required even with a smaller diameter rod.

For construction or design with furniture, displays or other uses a larger diameter aluminum round rod may be better suited to appear in balance with the rest of the design.

Aluminum Order Options
When choosing a supplier for your aluminum round rod, it is also a good idea to choose a company offering all the other aluminum parts, accessories and materials you need. This will allow you to cut down on order time, processing of bills and even in receiving your order.

If you are looking for aluminum round rod online, be sure to check more than just the price. Top companies can provide fast shipping with in-stock inventory, often shipping the same day for fast delivery.

At Eagle Mouldings, we carry an extensive inventory of extruded aluminum round rod.

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