2024 Aluminum – How the Aviation Industry Benefits

Copper is the key alloying element of 2024 aluminum. This aluminum alloy is utilized in applications that take advantage of the high strength-to-weight ratio it offers. Suspension and truck parts, aircraft wheels, and fuselages are all beneficiaries of this aluminum alloy. In addition, 2024 has a lower tendency to corrode them many other alloys. Due to these characteristics, the aviation industry benefits significantly from its use.

Industries Benefitting from 2024 Aluminum Alloy
Various industries that specialize in repairing or manufacturing the parts mentioned above, including parts for trucks and aircraft can make use of aluminum square bars, flat bars, and rectangular bars in the 2024 alloy.

Aerospace Industry Benefits
As stated the high-strength characteristics of this alloy along with its corresponding light weight make it highly suitable for aircraft industry applications. Its corrosion resistance properties are fair at a minimum, but it has even higher machinability characteristics. In applications were precise fitting and machined parts are required, these properties are important. Due to the superb grain structure of 2024 aluminum alloy, it is highly useful for thread rolling applications.

You can obtain the sizes and shapes of 2024 plates you need, including thicknesses in the range of a 0.25 to 6 inches. Additional applications suitable for 2024 include, shear ribs and webs, wing tension members, and hydraulic manifolds. This aluminum alloy is highly useful for applications that require considerable strength and fatigue resistance, hence its frequent use in the aviation industry.

Your Alloy Supplier
An experienced supplier of aluminum alloys will serve their customers’ needs attentively and work to customize or modify any order or requirement based on what customers require further projects. In addition, a reliable aluminum supplier will have the resources necessary to deliver excellent customer service and products. These resources can include advanced technology to carry out supply and delivery services as well as other services such as saw cutting.

You can benefit significantly from purchasing your 2024 aluminum from high quality and experienced aluminum supply company. Any time you are in the market for this aluminum alloy, contact a reputable aluminum metals supplier serving your area to obtain the shapes and sizes you need for your industrial project requirements.

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