2 Ways To Help Reduce Energy Consumption at Your Storage Facility in CA

Do you currently operate a cold storage facility? Have you been noticing that the energy bills for your storage facility continue to sky-rocket each and every month? Have you also been noticing that the products you are storing are starting to spoil? If you are experiencing any of these situations, then you may have cracks and gaps in your storage units. Here are two ways to help you save on power consumption to save money and to prevent your products from spoiling.

Replace Your Fasteners

One way to help prevent the infiltration of air through cracks and gaps to lower your energy consumption is to replace the fasteners in your storage units. The fasteners may have been damaged due to a number of reasons, which may be causing cold air to seep out and warm air to enter.


Another way to help eliminate cracks and gaps in your cold storage units or facility is to utilize foam insulation such as Dow Froth PAK from California. This innovative product is easy to apply and can be used to eliminate or reduce moisture and warm air infiltration, saving you money and time.

Where To Buy

Perhaps you are searching for a reputable company that can supply you with fasteners and insulation like Dow Froth PAK from California but do not know who you should trust to acquire these products from. When searching for a company that offers these products, consider choosing a company with over 30 years of cold storage expertise. This ensures you only receive the highest quality products and services in the market.

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