2 Quintessential Modern Furniture Brands You Should Acquire for Your Home

The new year is quickly approaching and you are perhaps ready to completely redesign your home. You are in the process of gifting your current furniture to a relative and are now selecting new pieces for your home. If you are looking to achieve a modern and minimalist look for your new design, then here are two quintessential brands of furniture you should consider acquiring.


Copeland is a company that has been manufacturing modern wooden furniture since 1976. With decades’ worth of expertise, you will find that Copeland products are of exceptional quality and can provide your home the contemporary and minimalistic look you are wanting to achieve. Their nightstands and beds are some of the most sought-after products in the market.


Another well-known manufacturer of modern furniture is BDI. BDI is also a company with decades’ worth of furniture expertise and has been offering consumers their unique line of modern furniture since 1984. Their wooden bar and bar cart designs are their most popular products, offering your home a touch of elegance fused with organic sentiments.

Where to Buy

Perhaps you are now searching for a BDI and Copeland furniture dealer in your area but do not how or where to start. When searching for a company that offers BDI and Copeland furniture products, consider choosing a reputable company that specializes in only modern and contemporary furniture. Choosing this type of company or dealer will ensure you are provided with a variety of contemporary furniture to choose from and will only offer you the highest quality in the market.

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