2 Popular Types of Floor Plans for College Students in Alabama for Privacy

Will you be attending classes at the University of Alabama to obtain your degree? Have you been convinced that living off-campus will be more beneficial to help you fully concentrate on your studies? Are you now searching for the best living arrangement or floor plan but are unsure how or where to start? If you answered yes, then here are two types of floor plans you should consider for privacy.


One of the most popular types of floor plans chosen by students, like yourself, is the studio floor plan. As you may or may not be aware, a studio unit combines your study space with your relaxation space, allowing you to focus on your studies while also allowing you to easily take breaks in between without having to leave the room. Studio floor plans typically cost less than other types of floor plans and are perfect for those on a budget without sacrificing comfort.

One Bedroom

Another popular type of floor plan is the one bedroom and one bath floor plan. This type of floor plan provides added privacy, separating the bedroom from the study or entertainment space. One-bedroom apartments are suitable for students who will engage in study groups but want added privacy.

Where to Stay

Perhaps you are now searching for the best University of Alabama apartments that are off-campus that offers these types of floor plans. Contact Lark Tuscaloosa. They offer studio, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, and three to four-bedroom floor plans and can help you choose the best living arrangement for your needs.

So, when searching for the best University of Alabama apartments to live at, Lark Tuscaloosa are the one you should call. Visit them on their website or contact them for more information today.

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