14K Gold Belly Rings Reduce Risks!

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Jewelry, Shopping

A lot of people suffer with alloy allergies and they do not even know it until they use jewelry that has a high quantity of nickel, 14k gold belly rings can help to reduce the risk of reaction. Depending on your sensitivity level even the back part of the button on your jeans can cause you irritation. For many people the reaction does not start until they get a piercing. No one is quite sure why this seems to trigger the reaction but it does in many cases.

The Reaction

For some people the reaction can be mild, you may experience a bit of itching or burning where the metal meets your skin for other people it can be a lot worse:

  • The area where the metal contacts the skin can become seriously inflamed
  • The area where the metal contacts the skin can become so chaffed that it bleeds
  • The area can become infected
  • You can be left with a noticeable scar

If you suspect that costume jewelry may be the culprit behind your skin irritation the best thing you can do is to choose 14k belly rings for your naval piercing. Unlike other areas of your body where the jewelry can move freely, belly rings are in very proximity to your skin. Ensuring that you do not have to deal with an allergic reaction starts with using jewelry that is made from a precious metal with very little alloy used in the processing.

Other Benefits

Of course, whether you believe that you may be prone to an alloy allergy or not, 14k gold is a great choice for longevity. You never must worry about tarnishing or losing its luster. It is a piece that will last you forever and maintain its value through the years! Bodyjewelry.com is a great place to shop for precious metal body jewelry and other selections!

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