10 Very Popular and Highly Efficient Used Forklifts for Sale

Many forklifts serve a specific purpose. This guide will help you pick the right unit.

A Warehouse Forklift

A warehouse forklift has a good loading capacity. You can use it for short hauls.

A Side Loader

This forklift has a sideways compartment. It can move long products like lumber and pipes.

A Counterbalance Forklift

A counterbalance forklift has a weight that balances a load. With this unit, you can spin in confined spaces in a warehouse.

A Pallet Jack

A pallet jack has a very compact design. There are manually powered and a battery-powered units. This is a great forklift for narrow areas.

A Rough Terrain Forklift

For demanding jobs, nothing beats a rough terrain forklift. It has a sturdy frame, oversized wheels, and a tough cage cab.

A Telehandler

A telehandler is a rugged forklift for construction jobs. It has an articulating boom and an arm attachment that extends in the air.

An Industrial Forklift

An industrial forklift has balanced hydraulic levers. They can help you move heavy industrial loads.

An Order Picker

This unit raises an operator off the ground. It has an open window and a sturdy frame.

A Reach Fork Truck

A reach fork truck has a long fork for items on tall shelves. The base is very stable, so it will never fall over.

A Walkie Stacker

A walkie stacker has no seat. You must walk behind it.

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