10 Things You Need to Know About LASIK Vision Correction

Getting LASIK surgery eliminates vision problems. Before you undergo the procedure, here are ten things you’d need to know.

Is it right for you?

LASIK surgery may be right for your friend or family, but it may not be the ideal solution for you. Don’t be caught up in a fad. Consult with a surgeon before you decide.

The right doctor matters

Pick a board-certified and experienced doctor to perform the surgery, the WebMD urges. Successful treatment results will depend a lot on your doctor’s skills and expertise.

You may need to do it again

You could end up needing a repeat procedure, depending on how myopic you are. Ask about your chances of needing another surgery before you agree to the first one.

You may not be eligible

LASIK surgery isn’t right for everyone. If you have severe dry eye condition or corneal diseases, your doctor may suggest other options.

You need to know about risks

Before you say yes to the procedure, be fully aware of the risks. Know exactly what you’re signing up for before you decide to go through with the operation.

You should follow the doctor’s instructions

Reduce or eliminate risks by following your doctor’s pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions.

You’ll be awake

This is an outpatient procedure. You’ll be fully awake, but your doctor will use anesthetics to numb the surface of your eye. That way, the surgery will be painless.

You may get less than stellar results

96 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision after the procedure, but this is not guaranteed. That’s why a good doctor will never promise you anything beyond what the statistical data will support.

You need to ask questions

The best way to get ready for the procedure is to ask questions ahead of time. Make a list in advance.

Do your homework

Find the right doctor by researching your options. Check out reviews and feedback to help you find a reputable surgeon.

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