Tips For Buying Used Liquid Chromatography Systems

One of the more costly additions to any medical lab or testing facility is a liquid chromatography system. These highly specialized types of testing machines are used in testing a wide range of samples on a regular basis for the effective identification of components in the sample and subsequent applications in diagnosis and treatment.

Today, these systems are amazing and offer levels of precision and accuracy that wasn’t possible even a few decades ago. Fully integrated with software systems for analysis this equipment is literally used in life and death situations where having the right capacity and testing options will make a very big difference for the physician’s ability to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for a patient.

Testing Parameters

When buying these systems, it will be critical to understand the test parameters that are both currently used in the lab and that would be beneficial in the future. Upgrading to a new and more advanced system than the one currently in place is often the ultimate goal when replacing an older machine or when expanding to include greater testing options for the facility.

The biggest issue for purchasers is that the cost of the new system can be substantial, particularly when looking for wider test parameters within the equipment. This is when shopping for used liquid chromatography systems makes very good financial as well as practical sense.

By choosing a quality used liquid chromatography machine, you can often find the latest in models at just a fraction of the cost of the same equipment from a manufacturer or a dealer if purchased new. These may be purchased from the equipment refurbisher from labs that are closing or if they are upgrading. They are not old or outdated liquid chromatography machines and are often found new through dealerships as well as on the used market.

System Compatibility

With new or used liquid chromatography it will be critical to choose equipment that is compatible with your current computer and software systems and that is also compatible with the physical space available.

This is a big advantage to buying used as you will be able to compare multiple top brands side by side on the same site. This is extremely helpful if you are looking for specific functions and features that are both must have components as well as those that are optional but desirable.

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