Private Label Packaging: Designing Branding Recognition

Since the first no-name brands appeared, the concept of private labels for specific products was born. Although the early examples were somewhat primitive, the latest private label packaging now exemplifies how a formerly unknown and less expensive product can achieve recognition. This is branding. It includes some of the more exclusive as well as inexpensive products available today.


Private labels are all about highlighting the specific brand of product. They are marketing tools. Private labels must recognize some of the basic concepts behind designing successful promotional material. In order to capture the imagination and, hopefully, purchase power of consumers, a designer must recognize the need to research, analyze and adopt certain marketing design principles. These consist of:
Consumer Appeal: Designers must be able to capture and depict a unique design. It must reflect the intent of the company as well as the purpose of the product but should not copy other comparable products or companies.

Ease of Use: Packaging designs need to be effective but must not ignore ease-of-use

Functional: Private label packaging must express the company’s intent and create a brand, but it should never abandon functionality. Designs need to work with any other packaging, not interfere with it or confuse the user

Clarity: No matter what the product, clarity is essential. Labels have to provide the requisite, compliant information in a clear manner

Going Green: If a product and its company are green, the label should indicate this. Environmentally friendly products and sustainable companies sell.

Designers need to put everything into the various contexts before proceeding to draft the initial label design.

Private Label Packaging

Over the past decade, the concept of private label packaging has altered. While some no-name brands remain, other companies have embraced the creation of their own product-line. Loblaw is a prime example of a successful private label. Once dismissed as cheap products, these labels now are a highly respected and successful private label.

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