How To Slow Down A Drill Press

Drill presses, especially older models, were designed specifically for wood. The high speed allows the tool to work perfectly when completing woodwork. Unfortunately, the high speed is ill-suited to drilling into other materials such as metals. It can be difficult to cut with the level of accuracy you need, and you may find that prolonged use with metal causes the bit to prematurely dull. The solution to this problem is to slow down the drill, allowing it to penetrate metal. Here are a few tips on how to slow down a drill press, so your cuts are precise and without the risk of dulling your drill bit.

Invest In A Second Press

In some cases, you may be in the market for a second press to begin with. Perhaps your current one doesn’t have a specific feature or option you’d like, and the fact that it only operates at higher speeds may be the tipping point for you. There are many presses on the market that operate at multiple speed levels, suitable for all types of projects. While this does give you the greatest flexibility, purchasing a second press can be expensive, and may not be realistic in all situations.

Use Pulleys

There are a number of online tutorials instructing drill press owners on the use of pulleys with respect to drill speed. Adding a smaller pulley to the press is one do it yourself option that many press owners use to slow down the speed of their drills. In some cases, you may need to buy a new belt in order to accommodate the extra pulley. Be sure to check your owner’s manual, and with the manufacturer, to be sure that you aren’t voiding any applicable warranties before going with this route.

Professional Kits

The best way to slow down your existing drill press is to purchase a kit from a reputable retailer. These kits often come with video instructions on how to install them, and are customized to suit the type of drill you own. This is the best, most cost efficient way to be sure that your drill operates at a slower speed while still ensuring your safety. Click here for drill press reduction kits.

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