Helpful Considerations When Comparing Industrial Distributors

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Industrial

There are many different ways to choose industrial distributors for materials and supplies for all types of projects. Having a way to strategically compare the different distributors will be essential in making a choice for a supplier that will be the best option not just for one project, but for all projects your company takes on in the future.

Established Business

Any industrial distributors and suppliers are just like other businesses. They often start up during boom times in the economy when new construction, waterworks development, telecom and networking projects and building are on an uptick. Then, as the growth levels out, they simply cannot compete or don’t have the customer base to keep the doors open.

By choosing an established company that has decades of weathering both the construction booms as well as the slowdowns, it is easy to see that the supplier is able to keep customers and to also effectively compete in pricing and services even in lean market conditions.

Availability of Materials and Parts

Some industrial distributors cater to one or two major industries while others provide a wider range of products that work throughout different types of projects. For most larger construction companies and contractors in any industries, having a multi-faceted supplier with a good network of manufacturers and products is an essential consideration.

By selecting companies will multiple manufacturers and a global network of resources to track down specialized or hard to find materials and supplies, even difficult items can be located, shipped and delivered as part of the order.

The other big consideration is the amount of experience the staff has in providing information on new products or product options that may be a better or more cost effective option. This type of customer support isn’t always available through industrial supply companies, but it is invaluable.

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