Six Facts About Local Movers

If you plan to move, you face several options. In Nashville, alone, you movers provide various services at diverse rates. They range from long distance hauls by national companies to local movers. Some companies combine both services; others remain a basic two-men/gals with-a-truck, moving service. For those who want to move locally, below, you will find some basic facts about this type of moving company.

Fact 1: Definition

A local mover is a company that will move your possessions within your state of residence. It can move your goods down the street in the same city or to cities at opposite ends of the state. Another term for this type of moving service is intrastate.

Fact 2: Distance

Local move does not refer to the distance your mover will travel. In fact, while most times a local move will be shorter than that of a long distance move, this is not always the case.

Fact 3: Services Provided

A Local mover can offer a full range of services for your in-state move. These include storage of your possessions as well as vehicle moving.

Fact 4: Costs

The cost of local movers can vary. Although the move is based on the state’s hourly rate, factors include

 * Labor costs – How many individuals will your move require?

 * Packing – Will they be doing it or you?

 * Stairs – Will the movers have to climb stairs?

 * Assembly work: Will you want them to take apart and reassemble some of your items?

 * Add-ons – These can include packing material if it is not in the original price

Fact 5: Travel fees

This is for a minimum of one hour

Fact 6: Regulations Governing Local Movers

Local moves do not fall under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Each state has in place its own regulations including licensing and certification requirements.

By understanding these basic facts, you can better prepare yourself for choosing from those available local movers in Nashville.

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