Keeping Homes Free From Invading Ants in Marlboro, NJ

A complete list of Ants in Marlboro NJ would include the possibility of approximately 700 different species that inhabit the United States. That is a little more information than any homeowner needs to know. The best option is to know enough about these industrious creatures to identify what ants present an infestation danger, how to avoid this type of worry and how to eliminate them if they do arrive. This first step is prevention and preventing ant infestations means keeping homes free of anything that will entice them inside.

   *   Clean up all leaves, branches and wood around the home. This is temporary housing that encourages colonies to grow and spread.

   *   Seal all openings in the home and repair and replace any rotted wood in the home. Several species of ants love to nest in damaged wood.

   *   Control all insect populations inside and outside of the home and clean attics, basements and other areas where dead insects tend to build up. Dead insects are a food source for ants.

   *   Store all human and pet food in sealed containers. Wipe down counters frequently and rinse dishes or wash them immediately after use.

   *   Keep all garbage in a lidded container.

Most ants will not pose a health risk like an a infestation of rats or cockroaches presents. This does not mean they are all innocent. Pharoah ants can spread salmonella and Streptococcus, so they are not a creature that anyone should want hanging around their home. Consider even a single ant to be a sign of a problem. They frequently send out scouts to search for new locations for their colony. If the ant returns to the colony it could be back shortly with others.

Ant traps only provide protection for the small areas where they are placed. Baited traps lure ants to them and could actually help to encourage an infestation. Natural ant repellents like cinnamon or peppermint oil may or may not work when freshly applied. Their repellent abilities will fade as the liquid dries or the powder blows away. Replacing them around the entire home every couple of days is expensive and unrealistic. Professional help is usually the most effective solution once the pests have arrived. Click Here to find out more about controlling Ants in Marlboro NJ or to schedule a home inspection.

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