How You Can Handle Your Slip and Fall Accident

Accidents happen all the time. When people slip and fall in a public place, the injuries sustained could be serious and cost you money for medical bills. If your fall was not your fault, but the fault of the place you was at then you need to contact a lawyer. You will need to prove that you are not to blame for the fall. This is when it is important to have a cell phone, you can use it to take photos and record witnesses statements that seen you fall. Also, get the names of store employees that were nearby as well as get in contact with the store owner and let them know why you fell. The more evidence you have the better it will be for you and your lawyer. You can find a personal injury attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA area that has experience in slip and fall accidents.

Your Lawyer Will Work with You to Win Your Case

You and your attorney will look through all the evidence which includes the photos, witness testimonies and you telling your lawyer the discussion you had with the store owner about the fall. Successful cases need to be investigated as soon as possible so that all evidence is preserved. There is a time limitation that the law provides so action should be taken immediately. Then your lawyer will inform you on the slip and fall accident which is defined by a person falling due to a hazardous condition on the premises and the injuries that are sustained by it. These kinds of falls can happen inside or outside a building caused by snow, ice, potholes, poor lighting, debris on floors, uneven floors and other hidden hazards. When your attorney has all your information they will begin to build a case against the place where you injured yourself.

How You Can Recover from Your Slip and Fall

When you fell the first thing you did was get proof that the fall was not because of you not watching where you was going or being clumsy. Your attorney has all the evidence they will need to prove that the store is negligent and should compensate you for any medical expenses, time off from work and pain and suffering. Because some slip and fall cases can be tricky the store owner may offer you a settlement, but you will want to talk with your attorney before you agree to anything. Your attorney wants you to get what you rightly deserve and they will make it their goal to do that whether it is through a settlement or going to court.

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