How To Order Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Extruded aluminum shapes, also known as profiles, are used in a wide range of industries and in a variety of different applications. Aluminum is often the metal of choice because it is reasonably priced, offers corrosion and stain resistance and it is very strong for its weight.

Additionally, aluminum extrusion profiles used in shelving, racks, corner molds, trim pieces and for store fixtures and architectural design can also be easily finished to suit the specific color and look required. This includes painting, powder coating, brushing, anodizing as well as chemical wash and polishing.

Knowing how to describe what you need in aluminum extrusion profiles will be essential when placing your order. This is true for both stock types of aluminum shapes as well as custom extrusions.

Where to Order

There are many different places to order aluminum extrusions. The common shapes are readily available at most metal supply centers, hardware stores and general contractor suppliers.

However, these companies tend to have limited stock on hand. They are also more costly than ordering from a specialized aluminum extrusion supplier. Shopping online will provide you with companies that offer the standard shapes or the custom extrusions you require.

Custom or Standard

Aluminum companies will have a wide range of standard or in-stock aluminum extrusion profiles. These will include t-bar, channels, flat bar, round rods, clips and t-slot systems as well as slatwall.

For most applications, you will be able to find a standard aluminum shape that will be a good match. However, if you need something unique, look for a company that also provides customized aluminum extrusions.

Custom extrusions are slightly more expensive, but they also save on time, waste and the cost of modifications to either your design or to standard extrusions. Talking to the aluminum supplier can help you to determine which is the most cost effective option for your needs.

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