How to do Rear Wheel Bearing Installation

If you know that the real wheel bearing in your vehicle needs to be replaced, it doesn’t take a mechanic to do wheel bearing installation, as it is something a backyard mechanic can do for themselves.

First Steps for DIY Rear Wheel Bearing Installation

When doing your own wheel bearing installation, the first step in the process is to loosen the lug nuts on the wheels. Then jack the vehicle up to get the rear wheels elevated, and prop it up with jack stands, as well as chock the front wheels. Be sure everything is done properly and safely.

Then, take hold of the rear wheels at the positions of six and noon and push in, if there is little to no give, then you need new wheel bearings. So, then it’s time to take off the transmission tray, engine tray and remove the plastic tray off the suspension wishbone.

Make a Few Adjustments as You Change Out the Bearings

Next, take off the rear tires, make sure the vehicle is set in the park and the parking brakes are on and if the car has a manual transmission, it should be in gear. Then the axle nut is removed, along with the brake pads and caliper. Then, you can release the parking brake.

Special Tools to Needed to Finish Job

To continue with the wheel bearing installation, undo the screws and remove the rotor, and jack up the suspension to get the axle parallel to the ground. Remove the hub. It will come off as you tighten the puller tool. You will need a hydraulic press to take the bearing race off the hub.

Then, remove heater supply tube and unbolt the CV joint, remove the axle, and use a bearing removal tool to take off the bearing. Grease the new bearing and then install it using the bearing removal tool in replacement mode. Reinstall the bearing race retainers, and fully seat the hub into the bearing with the replacement tool.

Reinstall the axle, the CV joint bolts, rotor, and then reset the parking brake. Then replace the axle nut and make it secure, replace brake caliper and shoes, reconnect heater tube, and replace the wheel, transmission cover, suspension cover and engine tray. Take off your jack stands and lower the car, and you are done with rear wheel bearing installation.

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