Helping Children Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits

From infancy through their teenage years is when children learn about many things, including the value of their teeth. A practitioner of children dentistry in Downers Grove is a dental specialist who deals with these young patients. Not only do they provide dental care and education for youngsters, they also are trained to care for patients with disabilities, be they mental or physical.

  • The first visit:Most children’s dentists will suggest that your child has his or her first checkup at about one year of age, once the teeth have started to emerge. As children have a tendency to shy away from things which are new to them, the first visit rarely includes any remedial work. The dentist will talk to the patient, show the little one the various instruments that are used and point out to the parents how they can look after the child’s teeth at home and ensure that they learn good dental habits that will stay with them for life. In subsequent visits the child feels safe and has no problems with letting the dentist examine their teeth, clean them and take X-rays if appropriate. 
  • Parents can help:The parent can help those who are involved in children dentistry in Downers Grove. As a parent you can help prepare your child for a visit to the dentist; be natural and calming when you discuss the first visit. Never use words that will frighten a child; words such as “needle, hurt, pain, etc” should never be uttered. As a parent your job is to explain the necessity of good dental care, explain that without trips to the dentist their teeth will not be as bright and shiny as they should be.

When a child is introduced to the dentist properly they rarely have a problem being treated without the presence of their parent. Those that practice children dentistry in Downers Grove are trained to make your little one feel comfortable and confident. Visit the clinic of Dr. Patrick J. Bannon. He is known for a gentle and stress-free approach in the area of children’s dentistry in Downers Grove.

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