Faster Construction With Self Drilling Screws In Omaha

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

At top supply companies in Omaha, staff understands how important it is to make every task on a worksite, assembly line, production facility or even for a home repair projects as fast and efficient as possible.

They also know that when things are easy and can be completed in one step instead of two or three, there is a lot less risk of human error, miscalculations, and problems in getting the job done right the first time.

One simple way to streamline any Omaha project that is using fasteners is to choose self drilling screws over screws with a flat end that require a pre-drilled hole. By using the self drilling types of screws, the screw itself drills the hole in metal, drywall, wood, plastic or any other suitable type of material.

Self Tapping

Some people refer to self drilling screws and self-tapping screws as if they were the same thing. In fact, self-tapping screws are threaded right to the very drill tip of the screw. This allows the screw to act as a tap, creating a pattern in the material that allows the screw to move through even hard materials.


All self drilling screws have a slight taper to the bottom, and while some may have a cutting edge similar to a drill bit, others are more square on the bottom. What they all have is a flute or a groove that runs up the thread on a slight angle a short distance from the point or end of the screw. This allows the screw end to actually cut a hole for the rest of the screw threads to follow.

To make it even easier, some self-tapping screws can also be self-drilling. This allows for a faster installation all at once that is easy to equipment and even easy for installation by hand into most materials.

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