Building Better Business Contacts with Creative Business Cards


Business Cards in This Day and Age?

Business cards are important in the world of corporate and brand marketing. In an age where most information is traded digitally, there is a personal element to handing out or receiving tangible business cards. They show excellent forethought and preparation on your part, and are still one of the most effective direct marketing tools. In addition, an interesting card can create a conversation between you, your potential consumers, and additional contacts who they may share your information with.

Customers in the New Port Richey area looking for business card printing options should consider several factors. What look and feel are you searching for in a card? What is your budget, and how can you align the product you want with the money you have? The key is finding a great custom printing company who can design the best possible card for you, and offer you the most options for your dollar.

The Path to the Perfect Business Card

The design is what will make your business card more than a simple informational token. It is important to think about the following when consulting with your professional printer about your card layout:

  • Complexity. Do you prefer a simplistic or elaborate design? Think about the color, pattern, etc.
  • Will your design include photos or images?
  • Texture. Would you like to include a tactile element, so that your potential customers can experience your brand through touch as well as sight?
  • Paper weight. Will you print on thin or heavy card stock? What about plastic or other unusual materials?
  • Finish. Do you prefer a glossy or matte look, or something in between?

You should also consider adding functionality to your business cards, should budget allow. Functionality examples include discount codes, scannable codes for the use of smart phones, bookmark styles or magnet styles. Whatever you can imagine for your cards, it is possible with modern printing and design!

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