Why Choose Power Washing in Queens?

Power washing in Queens is a quick and cost-effective way to provide exterior cleaning to most surfaces. Unlike pressure washing, power washing utilizes hot water to break down mold, dirt, debris, and contaminants on hard surfaces. The pressure used does not have to excessively high because the water temperature, mixed with appropriate cleaning chemicals, is a major component in the process. It is safer for more surfaces than the pressure washing process. Pressure washing utilizes water at natural temperature, so the amount of pressure is what blasts away stains, mold, and dirt. That process is only recommended for hard surfaces like concrete.

Power washing provides thorough cleaning without the risk of damaging surfaces, such as siding, windows, and asphalt. In addition to concrete, it can be used on homes, siding, roofs, brick, decks, patios, and even outdoor furniture. A variety of cleaners and chemicals are used, depending on the surface, the condition of the area to be washed, and customer preferences. Green cleaners, for example, can be used when customers prefer environmentally friendly practices. Oil, rust, and graffiti removal requires different chemicals than washing patio furniture before winter begins.

Choosing power washing in Queens will restore the appearance of the home or business. Dirt, mold, and grime settle into cracks to make exteriors dull. It happens over time so it is not really noticed until the building looks old and rundown. Business and homeowners are usually amazed at the results of power washing. The building looks brand new, is more inviting and welcoming to customers and guests, and will not need new paint or siding for a modern look.

The process also protects the building, as well as drive and walkways, from premature repairs and restorations. Mold, for example, can begin to breakdown wood, get into the interior of the building, and cause deterioration of insulation. Grime and dirt will scratch siding, cause paint to fade and peel faster, and block gutters. Driveways and walkways can become slippery and unsafe due to oils, grime, and mildew. Building owners can click here for detailed information regarding services, estimates, and to schedule an appointment for washing.

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