What to Look for When Troubleshooting Your Tap Water

If you’re not a plumbing professional, you might think that there’s no chance you’d ever be able to correctly identify problems in the reverse osmosis system that helps filter your tap water. After all, most people assume that water filtration is too complicated for the average layman to understand. However, educating yourself enough to attain a basic fluency with what parts of your system do what and what the results can be when one part malfunctions, can help you save costs by avoiding unnecessary repairs and in the long run, it can help you keep your water bill low. Read on to learn about what you can do to troubleshoot your reverse osmosis system.

Low water pressure

According to Pure Plumbing, a variety of factors within your system can cause your tap water pressure to be too low. The air pressure in the filter could be unbalanced, or there could be too much debris in the filters. In the case of air pressure, a plumber can help you fix it; if it’s the filters, you can replace them.

Nasty taste or odor

Bad tasting water is perhaps the number one reason that usually has people scrambling to figure out what’s wrong in their system and calling around plumbers to fix it. It could be that your system needs sanitizing, that you need to replace an exhausted filter or bad membrane, or that your system isn’t being used enough–water that’s just sitting in your system can stagnate.

Leaking around the filter housings

If you’ve noticed leaking not from the faucet, but around the filter housings, it could be a case of damaged housings that ought to be replaced. Alternately, the fixtures could just be loose, in which case you may be able to tighten them yourself.

Before attempting to DIY fix any issue with your water filtration, make sure to do plenty of research and educate yourself. If there’s a possibility that you could damage your system further by making errors, it’s worth it to spend the money to hire a professional instead.

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