Warning Signs Your Dog Needs to See the Vet

Your pet is not just an animal; it is part of your family and you worry about them just like you do the rest of your loved ones. Your dog is most likely your best friend, walking pal, and adventure companion. It may even eat food off your plate and listen to your troubles and secrets. The one thing your dog cannot do is tell you when it needs to see the vet.

Things that should Concern You

If it is not unusual for your pet to skip a couple of meals then don’t let that concern you. Going two days without food is a sign that your pet should see a vet. There are diseases that can cause pets to eat unusual foods and objects so if they start eating out of the garbage all of a sudden or are trying to eat non-foodstuffs these are definite signs of the need for a check-up.

Dogs usually do not need to drink as much as we do so if you notice your dog drinking more than usual that could indicate a problem. Drinking too much water could mean that they are developing kidney disease or diabetes. You’ll be able to tell when they are overdrinking if they need to go outside more often than usual or if they start having accidents in the house.

Dogs vomit just like humans do but more often as they try to get rid of the normal everyday things that do not agree with them. If they do so several times in a row or are vomiting blood and have a fever you should call your vet immediately.

When your dog needs emergency medical treatment from a veterinarian in Chicago, the Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is available for you and your pet, to provide the care necessary.

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