Treat Your Four-Legged Friend to Dog Grooming in Alexandria, VA

Just as you might enjoy spending a day at the spa by yourself or with friends, your dog enjoys being pampered and groomed to keep comfortable. There are many benefits to getting your dog groomed regularly, but you can’t always trust any groomer to do the work properly or care for your pet as you would. Instead of going to a pet store or random groomer, take your canine companion to this animal hospital in Alexandria to have all their grooming needs addressed.

Several Service Options
Although you might think of bathing and nail trimming as the only services you can request for your dog from a groomer, there are several interesting grooming options available at this animal hospital. Not only will they make sure that your dog’s mouth is clean, but they can trim their fur, perform anal sac expressions, pluck and clean their ears, and so much more.

More Than Cosmetic
Many people don’t understand the need to have their dog groomed, but there are actually many benefits to taking your furry friend to the groomers regularly. Keeping their fur trimmed keeps them comfortable in the elements year-round. Regular grooming visits also help senior dogs that have a hard time self-grooming on their own; this can help them see better and give them relief from sore joints by keeping their nails neatly trimmed.

Contact Fort Hunt Animal Hospital to learn more about dog grooming in Alexandria, VA, and the other services they provide to the community.

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