Tips For Buying Commercial Stand Up Tanning Beds For Sale

Tanning beds have come a long way in the last couple of decades, and what used to be the top of the line is certainly nothing compared to what is offered in safety, tanning effectiveness and speed of tanning.

One of the latest options in tanning is the stand up tanning bed, which is the perfect option for the customer wanting a full body tan without any lines, variations or imperfections in their tan. Choosing the best stand up tanning beds for sale to suit the needs of these customers will be an important choice for any tanning salon.

Style and Design
Most of the best stand up tanning beds on the market today have a very unique look and design. These tend to be more futuristic, and they can include backlights and other design elements that can complement your salon décor. Some offer a fully enclosed tanning area while others have an open design all around the unit.

Almost all manufacturers offer their own models of stand up beds with options in wiring and connection requirements as well as slightly different lamp configurations. Some have a single lamp configuration for the body, while some may also have lamp configurations for the face and shoulder area.

There are some of the stand up tanning beds for sale that are ideal for smaller spaces and some that are larger in total dimensions. However, the majority of the units will be similar in size and weight, so this is often not a large factor for ruling one bed out and one as a better option.

Tan Time
Most stand up tanning beds offer a tan time of between eight and fourteen minutes. This is a good option for a busy tanning salon and allows scheduling of appointments on the half hour.

Along with tanning, look carefully at the cooling systems offered in different models of stand up tanning beds for sale. Most provide ventilation around the entire bed while others may also offer user controlled misting systems to deliver a light, cooling mist that will not affect the use of tanning products in the bed, but does offer an additional level of comfort for the user.

Finally, you will also want to consider additional features such as built-in stereo systems, the cost of replacement bulbs, the overall rating of the stand up bed and the reputation of the manufacturer.

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