Three Diagnostic Services Offered By a Veterinarian in Olathe KS

Many pet owners feel like they should only take their animals in after an illness has been noticed for some time. Diagnostic services get offered at many clinics to avoid this from happening. The machines and options available help to diagnose a disease or illness before it becomes too severe. A Veterinarian in Olathe KS offers three separate diagnostic services for pets that should be utilized as needed.


Pets get sent to radiology to determine if there is a break in a bone or some sort of serious illness that has not yet been detected. A particular procedure can get used to find out if there is hip disease in dogs. Another can help treat hyperthyroidism in cats.


Just as women need ultrasounds to check on baby, pregnant dogs and cats can get an ultrasound done as well to check on the viability of their litter. The machine is also used to check for issues in the abdomen, or for an echocardiogram. Running this type of imaging helps the veterinarian to see what underlying causes could be at the root of a particular set of symptoms. Without them, it may be hard to diagnose the official cause, leaving owners in the dark of what their pet may be experiencing and how they can help them.


Certain laboratory services for animals help to determine a reason for particular symptoms. Through blood tests, a look at cells, and other pathology services, vets can find out how sick an animal truly is at the time of testing. Once testing has been completed, the professionals can set a course of action for the next steps to help the pet recover.

A Veterinarian in Olathe KS offers three distinct diagnostic services. Rather than waiting for a pet to become severely ill, these images and tests can help to pinpoint the problem before it becomes serious. It allows the pet to get on a treatment plan right away and prevents further damage from being done to their body and minds. It also gives the owners the right idea of what the treatment should be, including their diet and exercise plan from there on out. Visit Falcon Valley Animal Hospital anytime diagnostic services such as these are needed. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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