The Sophisticated Style Of the Audi E-Tron For Sale

Many of the vehicle manufacturers that came out with electric vehicles attempted to design a car that had a very advanced and almost science-fiction element to the interior and exterior look and feel of the car. The Audi E-tron for sale has a different look and feel, staying with the sleeker and more sophisticated look of a luxury mid-size SUV. It offers great acceleration and performance on the highways as well as for city driving.

There is a range of different features in the Audi E-tron for sale Cherry Hill NJ that truly make this a luxury vehicle. As expected from the brand, there is attention to detail in each design element, making it a practical and top of the class SUV for drivers and passengers alike.

Range and Performance

Drivers in Cherry Hill, NJ, will appreciate the 78 MPGe combined that this electric SUV offers. The standard design and version of the Audi E-tron provides a range of 222 miles. It offers a fast charger option to charge the battery to 80% within about 30 minutes.

Using a standard charger, the typical charge time for these vehicles is about nine hours, making it a perfect option for those commuting from Cherry Hill, NJ.

Interior and Features

The most remarkable thing about the Audi E-tron for sale is the spacious and fully appointed cabin. There are multiple upgrades to consider, but even staying with the standard features provided, buyers will have a digital gauge cluster, two touchscreens for vehicle controls, and a range of standard and optional driver-assistance and safety features.

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