The Latest Must Have Ingredient: Chewable Ice

People who love cold drinks also love ice. This has led to an increasing demand for top quality chewable ice in restaurants, bars and even in fast food venues around the country.

There are several factors which make chewable ice a great alternative to bigger ice cubes or half cubes. In the world of ice designation, this type of ice may be known by several different terms. The terms or specific name is often determined by the ice machine company, and you may hear the words nugget, pearl, cubelets, or Chewblets to describe this particular type of ice.

What is It?

It is important to realize chewable ice is not shaved ice. In fact, shaved ice is very wet and clumps together, making it more problematic for dispensers as it can easily clog in the machine. Shaved ice in the restaurant and bar industries may also be known as flake ice. It can be used in keeping large dishes cold, serving some types of seafood or perishable foods and in all types of cocktails, included those sold as blended drinks.

The chewable ice is larger in size than shaved or flaked ice but still smaller than a half cube of ice. It is almost like a tiny little ball of flaked ice which holds together but isn’t as solid as a true cube.

What makes it Hot?

While it may seem strange to talk about ice being hot, chewable ice really is a hot commodity. It is made by allowing water to form crystals and then using an auger to force the crystals through a metal sieve to keep the size consistent. The result is more air into the ice mixture, allowing it to stay crunchy but not hard, perfect for those people who enjoy munching on their ice.

Most restaurants, bars and food service venues now offer chewable ice instead of cubes or flake ice. In fact, many people ask for this specific type of ice, and failing to have a nugget ice machine on hand can result in lost revenue in many parts of the country.

While dentists will never endorse the ice of ice chewing, using chewable ice over cubes is a better option. These machines and this type of ice is also a must have item in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term healthcare facilities.

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