Simple Yet Great Fundraising Ideas For Teams

Teams for all sports and at all levels from the junior teams up to adult leagues need to complete fundraising to help offset the cost of participation. Teams have unique challenges with fundraisers that are very different from that for a school.

One of the biggest issues that teams face is the relatively small number of people that will get out and actively sell. This is why great fundraising ideas for teams need to be different from those fundraisers used by other organizations.

The best fundraiser option for teams is to do an online fundraiser combined with a more traditional door-to-door component. By providing friends, colleagues and relatives with an email and a link to the fundraiser website you can let them shop and still earn up to 40% profit on the purchase. With the top companies, you can combine the online and catalog options to earn up to 50% profits.

Travel Accessories and Bags

When you are looking for great fundraising ideas for teams, think outside of the typical gift wrap fundraiser. A great idea and one that everyone can use include offering a good selection of reusable tote bags, travel bags and even handy accessories.

These are a terrific idea as they are practical and can be used by the whole family. Cosmetic bags, shaving kits, phone cases and sports bags make a natural match for sports teams as a collection of sales items.

Don’t forget that insulated lunch bags are also great selling items and they are always in demand. Look for styles, colors and features that can be used for kids or adults to maximize the sales potential.

Storage and Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone can use more storage supplies and kitchen gadgets. This is a more unusual type of fundraiser that really catches the eye and creates an interest. This is another one of the great fundraising ideas that is made even better by choosing a company that offers quality items that are constructed to last.

Gadgets and storage doesn’t just have to be for the kitchen and the laundry room. Cool things for the car such as car mats, seat organizers, electronics holder for in a vehicle and even trunk bins are going to all be popular items for teams to sell.

There are some really unique fundraisers out there. Just take the time and look through the options. Try to avoid the fundraisers everyone else will do to reach your funding goals.

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