Signs That a Car May Need Brake Repair or Rotor Replacement Services in Wamego, KS

Most people do not give much thought to the way a car’s brakes work, but they know how to use them. Brakes serve a very important purpose: they control a vehicle’s speed and motion to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and other motorists. Because brakes are so critical, it is important to look for these signs of brake trouble and get rotor replacement services in Wamego KS as soon as possible.

Squealing and Grinding

A vehicle’s brakes are meant to work silently, and a squealing or grinding noise can indicate a serious problem. These noises can come when brake pads become worn or are down to the bare metal. Both situations can be dangerous, and a professional should evaluate them as soon as possible.

Pulling When Brakes are Applied

If the car pulls to either side as the brakes are applied, the driver should take it in for service right away. Common reasons for pulling include uneven brake pad wear, contaminated brake fluid, or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder. Any of these problems can cause a catastrophic failure if not promptly addressed.

Vibration During Braking

The vehicle should come to a smooth stop as the brakes are applied. If a driver experiences an odd vibration from the pedal, steering wheel, or entire vehicle, warped rotors may be to blame. The rotors are what brake pads grip to slow the vehicle and, if the surface is not smooth, braking ability can be greatly reduced.

The Brake Pedal Goes All the Way to the Floor

There should be a certain amount of resistance when the brake pedal is applied. If the pedal feels spongy or soft, or if it goes all the way to the floor, it indicates the brakes need repairs.

Leaking Brake Fluid

A fluid leak is one of the worst things that may happen to a car’s brake system. Leaks can be caused by loose line couplings or damaged wheel cylinders. If the vehicle is losing brake fluid, it can cause a complete system failure.

If there are issues in a car’s braking system, the driver should not delay repairs. For professional Rotor Replacement Services in Wamego KS, contact us or bring the vehicle to Ekart Automotive where the ASE-certified staff will find the issue and fix it properly and promptly.

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