Minnesota Workers Comp Lawyers Represent Clients Injured in Confined Spaces

One of the most dangerous tasks assigned to workers is spending time in a confined space. That might be a manhole, storage tank, or farm silo. Confined spaces have limited options for exiting quickly if a problem develops. Hiring one of the top-rated workman’s comp lawyers in Minnesota may be necessary if an employer or benefits provider disputes a claim.

Potential Risks

These spaces are particularly risky because of the significant potential for becoming trapped. A cave-in could occur, or space could rapidly be filled with liquid, grain, or another material. The worker is unable to breathe or escape. In other cases, the oxygen supply becomes restricted. The individual may become disoriented and lose consciousness.

Strict Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established strict guidelines for maintaining safety in confined spaces. At least two workers are required to be on the scene. One stands guard outside and should be ready to respond immediately if something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, sometimes the company or an employee does not comply. Also, even when everything has been done correctly, an accident still might happen. Top-rated workman’s comp lawyers in Minnesota represent clients in claim disputes.

Workers Compensation

The worker’s compensation system is intended to guarantee that employees receive the funds they deserve without having to file a lawsuit. It is also intended to protect employers from being sued. The compensation should pay for nearly all the costs connected with an injury on the job. That includes lost wages, medical expenses, and ongoing therapy. Injured employees may reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer if they need assistance.

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