Identification of Crawl Space Issues for Homeowners

If you have a crawlspace beneath your home, it is likely that you are having problems that need to be addressed. There are several common problems with crawlspaces that can pop up and it’s a great idea to approach them first before they have any negative effects.

Common Issues

For example, the crawlspace can have bad odors, high humidity, puddles, broken concrete foundations, heaps and heaps of dirt, little or no access, little or no sunlight, no insulation, radon gas, water vapor, mold, insects, termites, pests, parasites, roots of trees that penetrate the concrete, or any other similar problem. A good crawl space company in Arlington Heights can address these problems for you when they are small before they become even bigger issues.

Finding Solutions

If you do not know if your foundation is experiencing problems, the best recommendation is to crawl under your house with a flashlight and look around or contact a foundation or crawl space expert to do it for you. An estimate from a trained professional can be done at little to no cost and is often free. A crawl space company in Arlington Heights can easily identify the problems and propose solutions for local homeowners. Have them come out for a consultation to see what they find.

Addressing Causes

It’s just a reality that almost every crawl space has problems that have to be addressed. Through a process known as the stack effect, the air moves from underneath the house and takes the air from that area with it. Many Americans are currently living with asthma issues and other problems related to breathing caused by dirt foundations under their house and the mold spores, as well as dust mites that breed down there. Bring in an expert to look through the area and make recommendations on how to proceed and what actions to take.

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