How To Find Federal Bail Bonds in Clayton County

When someone is arrested and charged with a federal crime, they’re going to need to find someone who sells Federal bail bonds in Clayton County to get out of jail. This is similar to most standard bail bonds, but with a few differences. This guide will help those who may need to apply for a federal bail bond for a family member or friend.

What is a Federal Bail Bond?

One of the biggest differences between state bail and federal bail is that federal bail bonds are generally more expensive. Federal courts tend to assign higher amounts for release on bond than state or local courts. Since the bail bond system is more complex, and because there is generally a greater risk of flight during federal cases, the defendant can expect to pay an average of fifteen percent of their overall bond amount, instead of the usual ten percent in state cases. The amount of collateral in federal bail bonds is increased also, typically to 150 percent of the bond amount.

How Does One Get a Federal Bail Bond?

When someone needs to purchase federal bail bonds in Clayton County, they have to find a bond company and then agree to the terms. They will then need to pay a percentage of the full bail amount or give the bondsman adequate collateral to cover the full amount. A major difference with federal cases is that the defendant must go through a hearing before the bond can be issued. This is to ensure that they have sufficient collateral and that the money or collateral that was used to secure the bond wasn’t obtained through unlawful methods.

Deal With an Experienced Company

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