Here Are 3 Things to Do as You Prepare for Boat Storage in Newman, GA

Storing your boat during the months when it’s not in use isn’t as simple as looking for a place to stash it safely and calling it a day. Another important aspect of boat storage in Newnan, GA, involves properly preparing your boat before you store it. Here are three simple ways you can achieve this goal.

1. Change Your Oil

It’s not unusual for water to get into the oil container when a boat is in use. If you leave this mixture sit while your boast is in storage, you may be surprised by a corroded engine. Instead, err on the side of caution and change your oil before you store your boat.

2. Refresh, Spray, and Grease

Before exploring your options with boat storage in Newnan, GA, also remember to refresh your coolant system. Do this by draining it and flushing it with water before adding fresh antifreeze. Next, spray your engine with fogging oil to keep all vital parts moving, and grease the steering and control mechanisms.

3. Disconnect Your Battery and Add Stabilizer to Your Fuel

Disconnecting your battery will keep it from dying out while your boat is in storage, but top it off with distilled water for added protection. Also, fill your gas tank with fuel stabilizer. This will ensure that your boat is ready to use again when it’s time to take it out of storage.

It’s also wise to get a cover that’s properly sized for your boat before you forgot about it and focus on late fall and winter activities. You’ll also appreciate choosing a trusted company like Greison Storage Mart when you’re in need of boat storage in Newnan, GA.

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