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Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair

A garage door can weigh over 100 pounds, and this weight is largely carried by the springs it is mounted to. The springs of your garage door keep it running smoothly so that it doesn’t open and close too quickly or get stuck. When they’re broken, there are a few signs you’re likely to notice. It’s time to schedule maintenance for your garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL if any of the following apply to your door.

You Can Visually Identify the Broken Spring

The torsion springs that support your garage door are located over it at the ends of the support shaft. Broken springs may appear separated or loose. A gap between the opening and end of the spring is the surest way of telling that it is broken. This occurs sometimes when the spring has been wound too tightly, or it becomes compressed with too much pressure. Scheduling repair for your garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL can fix the problem.

Garage Door Is Bent at the Top

If your garage door has become bent at the top, it may be because the springs are broken. Doors that are configured with the electric opener mounted on the top can sustain damage when the opener attempts to pull the door with springs that are broken. The opener may bend under pressure, thus bending the garage door itself. You should call a technician who specializes in garage door springs in Satellite Beach, FL if you’ve noticed this.

Garage Door Does Not Close Smoothly

This may be the sign that homeowners notice the most. If your door crashes, lurks or falls suddenly when you are attempting to close it, you are likely dealing with broken springs. When springs are broken, the whole weight of the door is placed on the opener, and these issues can occur as a result. Click here for more information.

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