Four Common Forms of Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt

Health care providers are required to hold themselves to certain standards of care when it comes to dealing with any kind of patient. A reasonable standard of care is particularly important for elderly patients who may face additional health crises or other harm due to neglect. Cases of Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt are, unfortunately, not as rare as people think. Many elders living in assisted living and nursing home facilities do not receive the care they require and deserve. Most Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt falls under one of four general categories.

Social or Emotional Neglect

If an elderly patient is left alone for prolonged periods of time, consistently or repeatedly ignored, or treated inhumanely or rudely by staff members, it can cause substantial emotional and mental damage. For those who are visiting elderly loved ones, it’s important to take note of changes in behavior, including observed interactions with staff members and other nursing home residents.

Basic Needs Neglect

When patients are not provided with all of their basic needs, it impacts both their physical health and their emotional well-being. Basic needs include reasonable food, clean water, and a safe environment. This form of neglect is often a little easier to spot. Take note of any unexplained weight loss or other signs of malnutrition. Be sure to inquire about exact details should an acute injury occur to ensure that it was not preventable.

Personal Hygiene Neglect

Nursing home residents are often unable to perform even basic personal hygiene maintenance tasks by themselves. Those who have difficulty with daily tasks like bathing, brushing their teeth and hair, doing laundry, and cleaning should receive adequate help. Neglecting personal hygiene can be extremely damaging to overall patient health.

Medical Neglect

The most common form of medical neglect in nursing homes is the development of bed sores. These occur when bed-ridden patients, or those confined to wheelchairs, remain in one position for prolonged periods of time. Other visible signs of medical neglect include infections, poor diabetes management, and improperly addressed mobility concerns.

Loved ones witnessing signs of these or other forms of Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt can call the Jaklitsch Law Group to discuss their legal options. Compensation may be available.

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