Exploring the Variety of Installations for Terra Cotta Clay Pots

There are so many ways you can incorporate terra cotta clay pots into your garden and home landscape. From winemaking, baking bread and cooking to enhancing your indoor and outdoor space, terra cotta clay pots fit well in any décor.


Winemakers are rediscovering the art of wine by using large terra cotta clay pots. The wine vessels are nearly as tall as an adult and have proven themselves to be durable and more cost-effective than wine barrels. The wine is able to breathe during the aging process due to the porousness of the clay, but the fermenting process still takes place. Because the vessel is round and smooth, sediment isn’t an issue as much as it is with wine barrels.

Cooking and Baking

Baking bread using terra cotta clay pots has been a time-honored tradition in various regions across the world. There is a tremendous amount of skill one acquires in learning how to bake bread on the inside of the earthen-ware walls of the terra cotta clay pots. When it comes to cooking, Tuscan clay that goes into making terra cotta clay pots is known to have natural elements for the body including calcium and iron. The elements that are also incorporated into the pots that add to its strength are iron and aluminum. Getting a dose of calcium and iron in your loaf of bread is an added bonus for your good health.

Heating Vessels for Outdoor Spaces

Terra cotta clay pots have been used as a heating vessel providing warmth to those who gather around it. As decoration for outdoor kitchens, terra cotta pots bridge nature with modern living. Filling the pots with a bounty of herbs and other edible plants not only makes your outdoor kitchen beautiful but also functional when adding them to your culinary creations.

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