Early Signs A Colorado Springs Home Needs Roof Repair

Most homeowners in the Colorado Springs area do not stop to think about their roof, and specifically about the protection their shingles are offering their home. It is typically a leak that is detected in the interior of the home or clear signs of shingle damage that are first noted.

There are several early signs that your home needs roof repair services. By knowing the early signs of shingle problems, it is possible to call out a roofing company and have the repair done at a much lower cost than waiting and having more significant damage occur.

Top roofing companies like Breashears Roofing provide a roof inspection service. This roof inspection is completed at no cost to the homeowners in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, allowing early detection of problems on new and older homes.

After a Storm

Significant hail or sleet storms or very high wind storms are a potential problem for any roof. If you have an older home where shingles have been through several big storms, the chance of damage is much more significant.

If you notice shingles are loose or seem to have lifted or moved due to a storm, have the roof inspected before water damage becomes a factor. In some cases, and depending on the age of the shingles, this type of roof repair or replacement may be covered by shingle warranty or homeowner’s insurance.

Curling, Buckling or Cupped Shingles

Shingles that appear to curl up at the edges and form a cup or shingles that lift and buckle on the roof are shingles that are damaged. Often this can be easily seen from the ground, particularly from a distance where a large section of the roof is visible.

Missing Shingles

No matter what type of roof is on the house, from roofing tiles to cedar shake or traditional shingles, when there are missing areas of shingles due to storms, freezing and thawing or any other types of issues it is important to call in roof repair experts.

For assistance with roof repair or for a free roof inspection, contact the team at Breashears Roofing in Colorado Springs. More information on scheduling your inspection can be found at Domain.

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