Different Grades of Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Metal

Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is in demand and will get you the highest prices of any type of scrap metal. Copper itself falls into several categories, depending on the form of the copper and the thickness of it. Copper solids come in three grades. Grade one includes copper clippings and tubing that is at least 1/16th of an inch think. Grade two includes unalloyed copper solids and grade three is copper that is less than 1/16 of an inch think. Copper alloys such as brass and bronze can be sold for scrap, but you will not get a very high price for it. Copper wire comes in two grades. The low grade has a double layer of insulation and the high-grade has only one layer.

Prices for Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia vary, so you want to call a few scrap yards and find out the current price they will pay out for copper. You will find that larger facilities can pay higher prices, so start there. You will also get a higher price if copper is sorted and cleaned when you bring it to the scrap yard. Bulk prices are higher than piece prices so wait until you have 20 pounds or more of copper before selling it.

You can find copper in junkyards, old appliances, and motors. Copper theft is a huge problem for construction sites so security is tight in those areas. Do not attempt to steal copper to resell it. Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is not worth the risk of jail time. That seems like it is common sense, but people do it often and are usually caught in the process.

In addition to Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia, you can also sell other metals such as iron, aluminum, nickel alloy, steel and stainless steel. If you own a manufacturing company, a construction company or work in demolition, your business return on the scrap metal you generate can be high. Look into utilizing a larger facility with the capacity to transport and process your scrap metal to get the best prices. Containers can be set up at your location and collected at regular intervals so you can get paid for your scrap without any extra work on your part.

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