Creative Pathway Landscape Lighting Options

For a residential or commercial property, pathway lighting provides safety when walking outside from dusk to dawn. It can also be used to add ambiance and accent to a yard or garden area to match a theme, style or look.

Pathway landscape lighting can be customized to meet the needs of the specific area. Different areas in a space can also be created by providing different types of light, different light intensities, and even varying the style and location of the lights.

The following options for pathway landscape lighting can be modified or customized to meet any lighting requirements. By choosing low-voltage solutions for pathway lighting these are very energy efficient lighting options with extremely limited maintenance requirements for year around use and beauty.

Subtle Pools of Light

For a pathway to a gazebo, a water feature, a garden area or a deck or patio area, low lights staggered along the path create a romantic, soft lighting option. These fixtures may be bronze, copper or black, blending into the landscaping when not in use.

By using a conical shape to the shade, the light will pool out in a full circle around the fixture, highlighting both the walkway or path as well as the surrounding landscape. By staggering the lights on alternate sides of the walkway where the pools of light have some separation, the effect is mystical and soft while still providing enough light to see the way easily.

Whimsical Colors

Add a pop of color to a flower bed or landscaped area during the day as well as light at night with medium height fixtures. These can be in vibrant colors of yellow, lime, red and blue to create a wonderful look 24 hours a day.

With the option for this type of pathway landscape lighting to be along the path or highlighting features and gardens, this is an ideal option for a larger landscaped area. To give a seasonal look, consider adding colored bulbs to the fixtures, and idea which makes Christmas decorating simple and easy but also different from the ordinary.

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