Choosing The Right Property Management Option In Oro Valley AZ

While some landlords prefer to manage their properties by themselves, it can take a toll on your lifestyle and increase stress. However, there are dozens of property management companies in Oro Valley AZ, making it tough to determine which one is right for you. Remember, these people will be dealing with tenants on your behalf and may have access to your personal information, so it’s important that you trust them.

The Search

Your first task is to find property management companies in Oro Valley AZ. Take a look at their website, try to find reviews or referrals and do your homework. Make sure that you truly need a PM, as well, so you’re not wasting money. If you live too far from the building, have multiple properties or find yourself scrambling to get things done promptly, then you may require help.

When you’ve found three options, you can start the interview process.


Drawing up a list of questions to ask will help you stay on track and cover the most important things. You may want to ask about fees and charges, what is included, how much experience they have and more.

Some property management companies in Oro Valley AZ will charge a percentage of your total rent (up to 12 percent). However, make sure that you know whether it’s based on the rent collected or on potential rent. These charges may not include rent-ups, inspections or advertising, so make sure you know what the fees include and what the extra costs are.

You should also ask about maintenance services and how they are handled by the firm. Do they come to you for every little thing or do they have up to a certain amount to spend before notifying you? You should also ask about the vendors they use and check them, as well.

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