Choosing Lymphedema Continuing Education Courses

Once a licensed medical professional has completed the 135-hour complete lymphedema certification course and completed the LANA certification, some of the best programs will offer lymphedema continuing education programs to expand the understanding of patient care as well as new advances in treatment options.

The key for a current medical professional to find lymphedema continuing education programs that are practical as well as provide theory and education is in choosing the right school and training provider. To accomplish this, following several basic considerations will point the professional in the right direction and allow them to find training that is beneficial to their practice as well as satisfying CEU requirements.

CEU Approval

It is important to realize that even someone not currently working as a lymphedema therapist can use a lymphedema continuing education to fulfill professional development requirements.

There are trainings that are offered across the United States that are already approved to provide lymphedema continuing education for CEU requirements in many medical health fields. These can include for physical and occupational therapists as well as for licensed massage therapists.

It will be important for the professional wanting to complete the lymphedema continuing education program to talk to their state professional board and ensure that the CEUs will meet the required criteria. It is typically not difficult for recognized programs to obtain CEU approval from a state board, but they need to be notified by participants so they can apply in advance of the training.

Expanding Knowledge and Skills

In many cases, lymphedema therapists may choose to attend a specific course to provide additional care and treatment options for their patients. These courses can be offered in different formats from one or multiple day trainings to online courses covering some of the latest research and treatment options.

Advanced courses that specialize in specific aspects of lymphedema treatment are also a popular option for those interested in lymphedema continuing education training but not necessarily requiring CEUs. Nurses, doctors, chiropractors or other associated medical professionals may complete these courses as specialized training.

Popular options for these types of lymphedema continuing education programs include the use of specific types of taping and treatment, advanced wound management for patients with lymphedema and specific management of lymphedema affecting the head and neck. Attending these courses is both a refresher in many treatments but they also expand the knowledge base to benefit a wide range of professionals.

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