Choosing an Urn or a Casket From the Casket Company in Deltona, FL

To many people, the fear of being placed in a casket, then into a vault that’s under six feet of earth is overwhelming. To other people, the fear of their remains being burned is also overwhelming. Most people are not afraid of dying, but the way it will happen and how they’ll be buried causes their anxiety. Talking to a funeral director that oversees both funerals and cremations will bring a greater peace of mind and help them make a choice.

Benefits to the Family

Most people will consider which type of burial will benefit their loved ones most. Placing the deceased in the ground in a casket from a Casket Company in Deltona FL in a serene cemetery with a large headstone constitutes a traditional burial. To some families, this is the only way to conduct a funeral that allows time for family, friends, and acquaintances to pay their last respects.

A cremation also benefits the family since the deceased won’t have to be laid out in a rented casket from a Casket Company in Deltona FL. After the funeral, they can be placed in a plain box or wooden casket and made ready for cremation.

Environmental Issues are Major Concerns

More people are choosing to be cremated because they thought of the billions of people already taking up room in the ground. They think of the formaldehyde being used to embalm the deceased that eventually could leech into the ground. Many people would rather be cremated with their remains placed in a gorgeous urn to sit on a mantle. Other people may request to have their ashes scattered over the ocean or a nearby river if their state allows.

Cremations vs Funeral Prices

Money is also a concern to many people. Depending on whether the loved one had a burial insurance policy may be a deciding factor. Traditional funerals can cost well over $10,000. Cremations are still cost effective, with some being performed for a little over $2,000. Keep in mind that everything from hair dresser fees to obituary cards, and funeral guest books will increase costs.
Websites Help Make Good Choices

Most funeral homes offer pre-planning services on their websites to assist patrons with decisions they’re trying to make. Click here to see this valuable information.

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